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About Us


Welcome to Rhapsody

Rhapsody Dance Project is a developing local artistic project aimed to provide an opportunity to experienced young adult dancers to explore movement and expression through dance. Our goal is to help dancers who are not affiliated with professional programs to collaborate with peers and participate in the creative process to choreograph, rehearse and perform their own pieces.


RDP was founded in the spring of 2022. Over the span of two months, we hosted weekly workshop classes in various styles that allowed for the exploration of movement and an opportunity for collaborative peer-to-peer teaching.

Throughout the fall and winter terms, we have been hosting monthly drop-in classes to encourage participants to continue their love of dance. Our classes include a variety of styles with a mix of technique and choreography, and have been open to any local dancers to teach or participate in.

Our project connects local dancers to explore creative movement in various styles and grow as dancers by collaborating with others from different backgrounds, levels and experiences in a positive, creative atmosphere that encourages young adult dancers to continue pursuing their passion for movement in any way they can.

As dancers who have trained our whole lives, we discovered the lack of opportunities for post-secondary dancers who want to continue exploring their passions for dance and choreography without pursuing it professionally.

Dance has a vastly positive impact on physical health and mental health as well. For those who danced at a high level during secondary school, the shift from dancing 20+ hours a week to nothing is drastic, not just on a physical and mental level, but also on a social level. The community that we build with our dance family is something that one does not realize they have until it is gone. The transition from high school to a post secondary education is also a major turning point in everyone’s lives, and they should be able to have a safe space to go to when they are feeling overwhelmed with the major changes around them.


Creativity is a muscle that needs to be constantly exercised and it is so important that dance remains accessible in order for this to happen; the cost should not be what stands in the dancer's way. The community that we are building with RDP is so important, especially coming out of the pandemic where everyone has been forced to isolate themselves. This community has people who all have a love for dance, performing and creating. Our focus for RDP is to empower young adults in KW to continue dancing and exploring their creativity.

Why We Dance


Our Co-Founders


Marina Simonović

"To me, dancing feels like breathing, like the most natural thing for my body to do. It's beautiful, therapeutic, frustrating, freeing, difficult and simple all at the same time, and I am so grateful for this gift in my life."


Ciera Bisch

"I dance because I can't picture my life without it - whether it's technique classes, choreographing or performing. It's the easiest way to express myself and any emotion I'm feeling. When I dance, I can forget about anything else that's happening."

We also have an amazing group of teachers!

Rhapsody is all about community!

Check out our page of amazing teachers and class line-up!

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